How far is the hotel from the beach?

The hotel is a 3-4 minute walk from the Beach.

Do you have your own umbrellas?

Yes we have our own dedicated umbrellas and beach chairs on Grace Bay Beach with our own Beach Towels.

Where is the hotel located?

The hotel is right in the heart of Grace Bay. It is right next to Salt Mills and right in behind Danny Buoys.

Do all rooms have a balcony?

The one convenience that sets us apart at this property is that all guest rooms have a beautiful balcony with a pool view or if on the ground level a lanai with a pool view. That has been one of the most highlighted aspects from our past guests. After the location of the hotel being sublime that is our 2nd most mentioned amenity. Whether its having a coffee in the morning or bottle of wine in the evening it offers quite the added touch for a special holiday.

The pictures look very nice, why are all the reviews not that good?

My wife and I officially closed on the property in September, 2019. When we bought the hotel only 8 of the 24 rooms were actually rentable and the condition of the rooms at the time was extremely poor. Since then we renovated every single room top to bottom. Those reviews we received while doing the renovation were an accurate assessment of where the hotel was at. It's tough to renovate a hotel while looking after guests properly. We only just completed the renovations around the 8th of March 2020. If you look at the reviews from then on, you will see our reviews on TripAdvisor and Google have been mostly all 5-Star. Now that the renovation is done we are committed to ensuring our guest have an unbelievable time in paradise with a value and location you can't find anywhere else on the island!

What does the gourmet breakfast offer?

At the Grace Bay Suites we have opted against the continental breakfast option as the quality can be suspect. We have partnered with a local restaurant Shay Cafe who full menu allows for the pleasing of the most discriminate pallet. For the restaurant we provide a voucher that can be used towards any of the menu items.

Do you have coffee maker in the room?

Yes all rooms have an individual coffee/tea pod machine.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes we offer free parking on-site.

Do I need to rent a car?

That depends. The hotel is under a 5 minute walk to over 30 different restaurants, a grocery store, pharmacy so most guests elect not to rent a car. The location is amazing and many don't want the hassle and stress of driving on the other side of the road. Some guests on longer stays do want to explore the island for a day or two so you can easily rent a car for a couple of days as a car rental company is only a 2 minute walk from the hotel.

Is noise an issue?

All our rooms are soundproofed so noise is not an issue. The only evening it is a little louder is Thursday nights after the Fish Fry. Danny Buoys tends to be a livelier that night. 

Can I check-in after 8PM?

An after 8 check-in can always be accommodated. Send the hotel an e-mail and we will make it a very easy process.

Can you help us book tours and taxi's?

The front desk concierge is there specifically to make sure the guest have an amazing vacation. Whether its booking a tour, taxi, or even helping with restaurant reservations we are here for you.


Is there a 1800 phone number?

No the hotel does not have a 1800 number. However we are available on a free app called WhatsApp. Simply download the app and then enter the number and you are able to get a hold of the front desk without long distance charges.(Wifi)

Do you have any beach equipment?

We do have kayaks available and will provide at the request of any of our valued guests.

Frequently Asked Questions